Visiting beautiful Zlatibor region

Spending a few hours in touristy Zlatibor, we came to the conclusion that it is time to divert from the busy main road to Belgrade and take a smaller and even more scenic one. We made good progress but we did not enjoy the ride as we were more focused on staying safe. Sascha checked the and found a nice route and campsite Iva in a village just 12km away from Zlatibor. After camping in the wild for a few days, we called it a wash day. The camp was run by an old men and his wife Ruška who offer their yard and a house that they turned into and a traditional serbian style hut. The moment we arrived we were offered coffee and home made rakija. The location of the house is unbelievable: almost 1000m elevation and gorgeous mountains to the horizon. Later that evening we had traditional Serbian bean soup with home made cheese. We had a nice talk during the dinner about the West and the East, as with most of people we meet. Everyone wants to know where the life is better and what is an average salary in the Czech Republic. 🙂 In the morning Ruška prepared uštipci with cheese for breakfast which were packed to go. What an amazing place! The best camp ever!
We decided to explore Zlatibor region more and went 10 km back to visit the Ethno Village Sirogojno and Stopica cave. I fell in love with the traditional knitwear handmade by women. They just sit outside chatting, knitting, doing hand embroidery. I think I will come to Sirogojno again to learn the traditional crafts. Beautiful work! Pity we don’t have space in our bags, otherwise I would buy a few sweaters and coats 😀
We left Sirogojno taking a nice calm road cruising through villages meeting friendly locals. Few cars passing by. An old men overtook us on his red Yugo (the most popular ride here) and later we were passing his house. Instantly he invited us inside for a cup of coffee with home made honey.
We continued a few kilometers further to meet our Couchsurfing host Zoran in a small place called Sevojno. Zoran was expecting us a few days earlier, but last days were difficult for us to plan properly, so we were really happy to be hosted after such a delay. Zoran is a DJ and that night he had to work. We were invited to join for the night out. Unbelievably first time in our life we had to say NO to a party 😀 Getting up early, cycling all day and going to bed early changed our style of life and habits completely – at 10 pm we were exhausted and ready to go to bed 🙂