Filling our passports..

..with stamps of borders that didn’t even exist a few years ago. Yugoslavia – we seem to miss it as much as most people we meet 🙂

The train from Montenegro’s capital Podgorica brought us all the way to Bijelo Polje in the North. A scenic (albeit early) ride. Deep canyons, but the many tunnels did put me back to sleep after a while 🙂 Once we got back on the road we were pretty much on top of the mountain range and cycled into Western Serbia. Mountains with no end, but surprisingly much of the route was somewhat downhill and we cycled unimaginable 103km to a beautiful lake. It’s much colder up here than down by the coast. We pitched the tent a few minutes after sunset and quickly managed to cut up the salad we had bought in Nova Varoš,10km earlier. I think by now I already prefer washing in a lake over a shower. I also seem to develop a bit more of a temperature resistance.