Beautiful Montenegro & unexpected adventures “Made in China”

In our Sarajevo hostel Matthias & Anne gave us great tips on where to go in Montenegro. So leaving our home in Podgorica we went South to the huge and beautiful Skadarsko lake for a night of wild camping. The old village Godinje is famous for wine making and after the hectic days and weeks prior we really enjoyed a day of reading and drinking wine. In the evening we were joined by 2 offroad vehicles and their German crew of 4 who spent the night by the lake as well. Good inspiration just in case we do get a car one day 🙂

Next morning then it happened. When cycling back to Podgorica all the sudden I heard a “crack” and when looking down I thought “At least all the discussions in terms of where to go next are over”. My bicycle frame broke! Right next to a man selling fruit by the road. But on Balkans this isn’t a real problem as we would soon find out. First the fruit man invites us in for a drink and leave our stuff at his. Then, equipped with a list of names of the local welders we started walking around tracking them down. In the end a third guy could weld aluminium (for 10 EUR “for the gas”) so after an hour wait as the electricity had been shut down that day, we got the bike fixed up. Wow! When rolling again I couldn’t believe what happened. We did however miss our train up North so decided to camp out of Podgorica and very close to the Airport runway in a big open field. Certainly a different view for dinner 🙂

Next morning getting up at 4 and cycling to the train station in darkness, last Burek freshly baked at the station 6 am. And on to the train for one of the most scenic tracks in Europe. Wow! We were sure happy we didn’t cycle that part 🙂 Breathtaking mountains and deep canyons.



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