Montenegro – along the coast to Podgorica

Montenegro felt yet again different right from crossing the border. Many Serbian license plates, many Russian tourists, many signs in Cyrillic and everybody in beach wear. Montenegro uses EURO as their currency, though it’s not an EU country. We tried to cover as much distance as possible to meet up with our friends in Podgorica, Montenegro’s capital, camped one night in a huge valley full of blackberry bushes (after convincing a gipsy family to let us pass through the gate to a horse riding range). It helps to survey the area on GPS and look for campable spots. Once in Podgorica we were greated by the family of Nastya’s friend Sashenka – we had met in Kazakhstan a few years back already so it was more a reunion. Finally a place to sit down, rest, unwind and work on all the pictures we took in the past weeks and getting the blog updated.