Mostar and heading South for the Sea

Mostar is beautiful, but touristy places are never really our places so after a few hours we decided to make use of the nice weather and get closer to our goal of meeting Nastya’s friend Sashenka in Montenegro in a few days. (That’s where we are right now).

We couldn’t believe such cycle routes existed in Bosnia/Hercegovina. Felt almost like being back in CZ. Flat, paved, quiet, along the river with no cars. Friendly locals with coffee and melon as response to whether they could refill our water bottle and a “wild” camp by the river in what seemed to be the village’s relax zone. Tables, chairs and an older guy playing patience (solitaire). We swam in the river, got beer in the village close by and planned our route further. Soon we’ll be by the coast and join millions of Europeans racing to Dubrovnik to enjoy a few days of holidays in the only overpriced campsite 🙂 This is Hercegovina, mostly populated by Croatians telling by the flags everywhere and by the Cyrillic names on road signs being sprayed over.