Sometimes you’re just exhausted..

… the sun is burning, the hills to climb seem endless and you’re discussing how soon to call it a day for the third time already, when all the sudden you hear in perfect German: “Don’t you want to come in and have a glass of water?” This is how we met Siniša (Синиша) who was calling us from his balcony just when we were cycling past with 4km/h going steep uphill 🙂 .

Siniša lived in Germany for the majority of his life and had worked in about every field imaginable – from casinos to luxury hotels – with many stories to tell. He moved back to Bosnia 15 years ago to take care of his 91 year old mom. What a great woman. Despite having had her wisdom teeth removed the day prior she would make sure that we get to try the best food. We ended up staying two nights and left overloaded with food for the road, a list of phone numbers of powerful people all around Ex-Yugoslavia (just in case 😉 ) and good bye presents. They wished us all the best and asked us to give back what we received at their house once we settle down and a stranger comes past. What an attitude! Thank you so much!

These kind of encounters we have every day. The world is full of good people. Of course not everybody is like that, the importance is to focus on the good (the 99%) and not the evening news of blown up bodies and people cheating one another.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes you’re just exhausted..

  1. I certainly hope to inspire in writing about it. I’m cut off in regards to crisis news though. We cycle from village to village and there’s only good people it seems 🙂


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