From Zelenkovac – Eco Village to Jajce

Finally we made it to Zelenkovac which had been recommended to us by several people we met in the past days and weeks.

I actually had read about this myself a year ago when planning the route as well. What is this place? Boro is a bit of a 21st century hermit and built this settlement mostly himself and all from wood. See for yourselves below! We met nice people from all over the world and in the evening listened to a great guitar jam in the very rustic bar.
After one night of sleeping next to the waterfall and with water flowing all around our tent we continued further – mostly downhill for once – to Jajce. It’s being advertised as the “Continental Dubrovnik” and it is a beautiful city around an old fortress with a huge waterfall. Too many tourists though. We noticed quickly and Heineken beer in the restaurants is always an indicator for this 🙂 Come on – we didn’t cycle 2200km to drink Heineken! (As much as they saved my life when living in the US :D).


4 thoughts on “From Zelenkovac – Eco Village to Jajce

  1. Miss you and thanks for all. U are the best people I met this year. Please keep the maps, routes and all calculations before and during the trip, and we will talk about every tiny detail some day. I will start my journey with quiting cigarettes. 😉
    Positive vibrations.


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