Welcome to Bosnia

We had stayed in Bosnia already for one week, but it was only after leaving Banja Luka when we noticed the dramatic change in landscape and an all new challenge to our cycling abilities 🙂

This country is mountainous! It’s green all around as you will see below. We chose to cycle South on a less busy road, that meant cycling on top of the hills as compared to the valley though. It’s more demanding, but so much more rewarding and of course safer. There are a lot of German cars on the road. German in make as well as in license plate. It’s not Germans on vacation though – Bosnians coming home for holidays – exclusively in Audi, BMW and Mercedes (Thanks for supporting our economy!). Lot’s of interested looks from the drivers and the passengers when passing us 🙂 Feels a bit funny to be the only German and cycling these roads.
We had ambitious plans to cycle about 70km but called it a day after about half of that as the spot we found was beautiful and the incline had taken its toll. There was even a small lake (crater? here you never know 😦 ) so I went for a swim (wash). It wasn’t easy to find water so Nastya cycled to the next village to fill up our bottle there so we could cook tea in the morning and have magnesium tablet lemonade – our favourite :D.


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