Introduction to Bosnia: get invited for a beer and stay for a week

Crossing the border to Bosnia was easy and pleasant. Greetings and smiles on both sides, 5 min of documents check-up and we were in Gradiška, a town in Republika Srpska on Sava river that divides Croatia and Bosnia. We arrived there around 10 in the morning, after starting at 6 am and escaping rainy clouds. In Gradiška we had to wait till afternoon, since our couchsurfing host Ljubiša in Nova Topola (15km away) was working. After exploring the town, that is full of trucks and spending some time on open WI-FI, we were about to continue.  Unexpectedly, a local girl invited us to join her and her friends for beer in a bar. The guys are super friendly and we had great time trying “Nektar” the regional beer and Ćevapi. And then it turned out that Đorđe lives in Banja Luka, so we were invited to stay over once we are there. In the end Vesna decided to cycle with us to Nova Topola. There we stayed with Ljubiša and his family. His brother Nemanja and dad Vaso prepared grilled specialties Roštilj and in the late evening the guys took us to the annual motorcyclist gathering, since both brothers are serious bikers. Next day was dedicated to full bicycle service and a scenic motorcycle ride (first time in my life!). On Sunday Ljubiša and his friends joined us for the ride to Banja Luka where we visited the local brewery Banjalučka pivara. Finally točeno pivo ! 🙂

Banja Luka is a beautiful city on Vrbas river surrounded by hills. Luckily we had a sunny day to explore it and go for a hike to Banj Brdo hill. Đorđe our host and Vesna showed us around, introduced to their friends, the guys are super hospitable and fun to spend time with. So in the end we were happy to prolong our stay in Banja Luka, since heavy rain was coming for the next 2 days. Lots of time to read, update the blog and watch the movies were collected from our hosts on the way. 🙂


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