Change of plans – our trip across Croatia

Entering Croatia from the East we were heading for Zagreb and even more importantly Plitvice Lakes National Park (click for BEAUTIFUL images). The cyclist network has a few members along the route and many of them were willing to take us in for a night. We really enjoy going local and getting to know their home and surroundings. Often we end up on mini cycling tours once arriving at these destinations, which is the reason why our kilometer counter is running mad lately.

It’s interesting to see how our hosts seem to often have many things in common. Nastya wrote about this in her post. They really enjoy life and taking in strangers (us), which then get introduced to parents or relatives who are more or less confused and wonder what we’re all about – the homeless and unemployed couple from Prague 🙂 We do however seem to make a good impression, as we receive great feedback from all our stays, we inspire quite a few people and sometimes a bit of jealousy by those who cannot go on a longer trip due to other commitments.

Long story short – the weather turned into heavy rain, we were about to enter touristy terrain with insane prices compared to the rest of the country (which is anyway more expensive than Hungary or even Czech Republic) and therefore decided to turn back, escape the rain and head South to Bosnia instead. We still plan on seeing the coast and the waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes National Park, but that has to be postponed till the tourists are gone and the prices return to normal 🙂


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  1. Wow – that is fantastic! What an adventure. Stay safe as always – want to see you back here in one piece…


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