The cultural centre of the Rusyns in Serbia

Thanks to the overwhelming responses of couchsurfers in Serbia, we cycled only 10km to visit our next host Vlado in Ruski Krstur which is a village where Ruthenians are the ethnic majority.

Vlado runs a farm by himself with only his mom helping. Both incredibly hard working from early to late. For us however he took of work for almost 2 days so he had to run a 20h shift when we left!
We are deeply touched by how much priority our visit has received and enjoyed the 35km cycling tour along the surrounding canals a lot. Thanks and hopefully see you again on Serbia part 2 when we’ll explore the Tara mountains in the South!

Ruski Krstur has a great brochure also online at – use the arrow keys to navigate through the beautiful pictures and don’t miss the recipes at the end!

We copied half of Vlado’s hard drive and enjoyed “Weight of Chains” especially. If you get stuck in debates about freedom & democracy, Ukraine, Russia, Nato watch this piece about the history and the events leading to a war in Europe – Yugoslavia! It’s well done. (EN with YU and EN subtitles)