A “new” country! Arrival in Slavonia, Croatia

Crossing the Danube once again on this trip, this time on the Serbo-Croatian border, we arrived in Croatia, where neither of us had ever been before. Yet another first!

Many times on this trip we were told to be the first people that somebody had hosted and so did Vedrana who we were lucky enough to meet in Osijek via Couchsurfing. As it happens occasionally, we also ended up staying 2 nights longer than intended. Sometimes it just feels like the right thing to do and sure enough we ended up taking 600 pictures in Kopački Rit, the biggest wetland in Europe with spectacular wildlife (and a boar we met with 7 little ones) on our Sunday ride out. Osijek itself is beautiful and worth a visit. Long promenades along the Drava river, lots of pedestrian zones, everybody cycling or skating. Our kind of place!

I’m writing these lines from the comfort of a nice home, with hot shower, wifi, electricity and a place to sit down – the 3 latter hardly ever come together when on the road. Vedrana and her family are very hospitable and feeding us till we won’t fit on a cycle lane anymore. Having not only one but two gardens we enjoy tomatoes, cucumbers and “ljuta” (spicy) paprika in abundance. That and the grill, the cakes, well, don’t get me started 🙂

But see below for yourself!



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