Message from work…

… well not quiet, but I heard back from Jeanne who I met as a presentation coach when working for DHL. Just like us Jeanne is a big fan of “TED: Ideas worth spreading” and helped organising TEDx in Czech Republic. She follows our blog and sent me the link to her presentation in Hradec Kralove which I hadn’t seen yet, as I was too busy watching the speech of the Czech guy that went in Trabant across South America and produced a movie from that.

Jeanne’s presentation however is very inspiring as she talks about something that many expats experience when living in Czech Republic. It doesn’t apply to Czechs only though, I can assure we are have these kind of discussions when cycling as well. See for yourself – it’s in EN with CZ titulky. But careful, it may affect your attitude towards complaining 🙂

PS: If someone behind the DHL proxy could send me the link to German Valencia’s ted-style Global Conference key note I’d be eternally thankful 🙂


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