A quick visit to Vojvodina, Serbia

Still in Hungary we were already overwhelmed by the responsiveness of the Couchsurfing community in Serbia and the numerous recommendations we received. No surprise we ended up seeing loads of sights as well as visiting the European Film Festival in Palić where we camped the first night (and realised that our tent is falling apart more and more :)). Subotica is a beautiful city, as we had already found out 3 years ago on a quick visit when on our honeymoon. The Austro-Hungarian influence is very noticeable, no surprise then the majority of the people living here are and speak Hungarian. I didn’t know that and as we would find out soon enough we actually haven’t met a single Serb on this leg of the trip across Serbia :).

Next morning we left for Kula, about 60km to the South where Ivan and his family were awaiting us with rabbit for dinner. On the road lot’s of people are honking when passing and giving us thumbs up. Feels great! Ivan’s mom is Hungarian and his Dad Ruthenian. It’s amazing to see that after a month in Hungary and with knowledge of Czech/Russian we were able to communicate with both.

Ivan recommended us to see this movie which is well known all over Yugoslavia (and featuring the instrument Nastya is now practicing – her good bye present from our helpx stay in Hungary).

We would hear references to this movie from other people in the upcoming days as well – I hope you live in a country where youtube allows for this 🙂

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