2 months on the road, 1700km behind – is it a lot?

Today we’re on the road for two months. To be honest it feels like we have been traveling for half a year already. The events from two weeks ago feel so distant. Every day is so different from another, so all emotions and experiences are concentrated and rich.  And not only for us. People we met often say that time we spent together was very bright, uplifting and memorable. We noticed that these people have many things in common. They are either self-employed or about to be. They quit their jobs and moved to the countryside or are about to quit their jobs to go traveling. They love, appreciate and care about nature which is why they typically abandoned big city life and moved to the smallest villages, use wood heating, appreciate and cook organic food, grow their own vegetables and fruits, believe in permaculture, make honey, love animals, enjoy cycling, hiking, play instruments, love singing. No wonder a TV doesn’t find a place in these homes. They prefer hand-made, crafted things over supermarket/Made-in-China products and they create many things themselves. They want to return back to our origins, live in harmony with nature, explore, learn methods and tools that our grandparents were using and are being forgotten in our modern society.
While meeting these people, living with them and learning from them, we realized that we changed ourselves.
I personally started enjoying being, living and working in the nature, I see and hear so much life around me and I love it. I don’t miss busy city life with crowded streets, public transport, bars and clubs for a second. We both don’t miss our office life as we thought we would 🙂
I would like to have my own house close to a forest, though a year ago I was sure that my home sweet home is downtown Prague.
I realized that I don’t need much in my daily life – our bags are getting lighter :). We don’t need much to be happy and no one does, one just needs to be open-minded and not to be afraid to approach people without any prejudice.
There are also things that haven’t changed since we left and beliefs that even got confirmed. You cannot judge and get true knowledge about a country and its nationals according to TV-programs and news while never leaving your own country and not meeting a foreigner. We always knew and reconfirmed that most of people are very kind, friendly and hospitable. The less they have, the more they want to give and share.
If you want to do something, just do it! Our bikes and equipment are not professional and inexpensive and we keep rolling. And smiling :). You don’t need money to be happy, you need to be open, friendly and optimistic 🙂 Problems are only challenges and so far we have overcome all of them (Surprisingly few we encountered).
The only thing that we miss (and it hasn’t changed since we left Prague) – Czech beer! 🙂


12 thoughts on “2 months on the road, 1700km behind – is it a lot?

  1. We often being asked what is our favorite place or country so far and honestly it is a very difficult question because everywhere we had great experience! Leaving every country we say this the one where we want to settle there but then we cross the border to a new one 😉


  2. One of the best things going in Europe is the open borders, that really helps a person to get to know the guy on the other side of the fence. It is like the 50 States, open borders all 50 , really helps a guy from California to go and visit New York. My past trips to Berlin, Germany and Warsaw, Poland was always good for me and I gained much as a human because of those trips and the Family that hosted this Texan and now the guy from Nevada


  3. Guys, i really loved to read this post. What more can you learn on a trip like that? I absolutely agree with every single word. Have a good and safe trip!

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