Ásotthalom – our 3rd HelpX stay, 1400 km from Prague

In our last week of a whole month in Hungary we stayed in a little farm 4km from Ásotthalom. Surrounded by nothing but forest with plenty of silence, hours of cooking and sitting together over a glass of wine (or Pálinka) discussing. Mária and Attila who run the farm decided to leave busy city life 2 years ago and enjoy a “slow” life with 3 cats, 2 dogs and 2 horses instead. We helped with preparing firewood for the winter, gardening, painting and cooking. Mária’s mom stayed with us for the week and contributed to the colourful salads with a variety of herbs from the big garden, a big mushroom in egg batter, soups cooked in Bogrács – a typically Hungarian technique with a big pot hanging over the fire place – and a variety of jams. So much flavour and taste! Our timing couldn’t have been better either, as the 2nd Rózsa Sándor festival (In Hungarian the first name follows the surname in calling people) took place on the weekend while we were here. Rózsa is a “betyar” regarded criminal in his days and now remembered as a “social bandit” kind of like Robin Hood. The festival brought a number of visitors from all over Hungary to the otherwise 4000 people counting community. And házi sör – a microbrewery with házi – homemade – beer from the tap which otherwise is difficult to track down in this country 🙂 One of the artists performing was Nemes Levente a friend of our hosts joining us on the farm for a few days. The last evenings Attila installed the hazi mozi – home cinema – on a professional PA and speakers we watched “Office Space” – probably my all time favourite – and “Mongol” which I didn’t know about, but is just beautiful and shows the rise to power of Genghis Khan. We’re already very close to the border with Serbia and will cross it in a few minutes heading towards Subotica and then South towards the Danube again. We’re 7 weeks into the trip and lucky in regards to the weather as well as the inspiring and supportive people we meet. Locals as well as caravan campers on campgrounds. We’re also excited to hear from “back home”, which doesn’t happen very often – our offline lifestyle taking it’s toll I suppose. We do connect to Skype every once in a while though – let’s get in touch!


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  1. Hi guys, if you would know, how close I am now to Ásotthalom 🙂 What a pity, that you are not here right now. Still one week on my Hungarian vacation and back to Prague! Keep going! 🙂

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