The Baja fish soup festival

…or Baja Halászléfőző as locals amazingly manage to call it, is what we had planned to see on our route since the very beginning. I can say we were not disappointed! It’s a great festival. We very much enjoyed seeing the whole city out on a Saturday night and celebrating this tradition. Young and old gathered around 2000 pots and cooked fish soup. Everybody has their own little tricks and secrets, but in principle the Baja fish soup has 5 ingredients. Baja28

In Baja – after little couchsurfing luck prior – we were lucky to find 2 families to host us for 2 days each. Peter a couchsurfer was taking part at the Folklore Festival on Thursday. We arrived at his family’s home just in time as 2 days of rain were just about to start. His mom Margit took great care of us with her cooking – what a change from our camping kitchen. As the Baja festival is pretty much the biggest event in Baja over the whole year with many people returning home to their families, we also met 4 out of his 5 siblings and enjoyed the lunch conversations around the huge table. Thanks for taking us into your home!

On Saturday morning we bid farewell and stayed with Roland, his wife and their 4 children – amazing hospitality and yet again fantastic cooking! We overdosed a bit on cakes and fish 🙂

Roland’s friends Zoltan and Tina had their own table/ fireplace at the festival so after lunch (and a rather long power nap for me) we took off to the city center. At 6 the national anthem was played and 2000 fish soup fires ignited. We met a lot of people and exchanged stories as well as received more recommendations as to what we should see on our trip. Transylvania seems to be popular 🙂

It’s a bit of a shortish update as we’re just on a roadside (beer) stop (500m from Serbia) on our way to Ásotthalom – our 3rd helpx stop.