Living a wild life :)

Eventually we made it to Heviz. After many people told us it is a must – we are at the number one spa in Hungary 🙂  Heviz lake is a largest thermal lake in Europe and seemed to be a very popular one too. Floating in water between Russian and German speaking tourists was quite amusing and the water was very relaxing.  After 3 hours of soaking in the lake, we left Heviz campground in the afternoon and decided to continue to the closest campground just 20km south since it was getting late. We arrived to the destination, but the camp was not there anymore. Happened to us a couple of times already 🙂 A quite spot in the end was found just after a buffalo reserve nearby. Nobody passed by, no cars, complete silence, till morning when 15 honey makers came to check on their beehives, apparently we camped next to them. The honey-makers did not mind 🙂
I guess we exit the “touristy” part of Hungary, so far camps are non-existent (or they exist on the Internet but not reality) and difficult to find couchsurfers or warmshower hosts 😦 . Today is Sascha’s bday and after stocking up on groceries we are camping in the wild again. Sascha says it is probably the first bday when he drank so little alcohol and did so much sport. Just a quick beer from Penny market 🙂 The spot for the night was between 2 fields on a small grassy patch surrounded by cherry trees. I could not be more happy! Going to sleep we were discussing what a quite place we found, at that very moment a pick-up truck appeared with 2 old dudes that tried to explain to us not to leave the place, because they plan on hunting tonight. We said OK, anticipating that the night is going to be funny. I could not sleep all night long listening to the shootings and me tossing the metal cups to make some sound out of the tent, because some raccoons were trying to attack our trash and food bags. Every time I hear animals around us at night I think this is the last night and we need to find a hostel for the next day. But in the end we are doing it again – wild camping, wild showering, wild fruit and berries picking 🙂 Right when we entered Kaposvar  was a fruit and veggie stand with huge watermelons we could not resist on a such hot day. The third of watermelon we bought disappeared quickly. Everything is blossoming and riping! It is all so tasty!

Addon from Sascha’s pictures with caption:


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