Balaton – the Northern coastline

We left Polgardi on a rainy day and were determined to take the train to make it to our next destination Balatonfüred – where Tamás was hosting us for 2 eventful days.

On the road to the train station however we met a local with a bucket of cherries and his two daughters. After a 10min chat in English (usually German is the language spoken – and of course Hungarian :D) we were cheered up and decided to cycle the almost 50km instead. Sure enough we were rewarded by all kind of fruit trees and fruit in abundance.

We met Tamás through Couchsurfing and we’re glad we did! We spent a splendid time with his friends cycling (fixies) to a forest close by having camp fire and barbecue as well as one or the other Pálinka and Fröccs the local version of Gespritzer/ Vinný střik. Balatonfüred itself is very picturesque (hence we overheard tourists speaking Russian for the first time in a long time.) We developed a liking for the healthy water fountains that can be found all over Hungary (and on my Garmin GPS loaded with

After leaving we had a great recommendation for camping in the wild. The weather however turned south and our tent almost flew away and collected some fine sand which we had to fight today when we stopped at a train station to have breakfast and clean and dry the tent in the sun.
We are however very happy that we changed our route and went for this detour around Lake Balaton.
Also today we celebrated our 1000 kilometer milestone with wine and “reference” fish soup.
Reference simply because we are still heading down south to Baja for the annual fish soup festival starting 10th of July. I had first heard about the festival, when on a rideshare from Prague to Budapest a few years ago. Helga a Hungarian who lives in Germany told me about it, but I didn’t manage to stop by on my way to EXIT festival in Serbia.
Apart from crossing the 1000 kilometer milestone we also had our first puncture as well as another casualty, Nastya’s bike stand broke off.
We are a bit spoiled or after cycling 50 kilometers wishing for nothing else but a beer the Hungarian bottled beer did not live up to the standard we’re used to. We’d give everything for a 12° from Unetice 🙂