Polgárdi – our first home in Hungary

We’ve arrived in Polgárdi, a small town next to lake Balaton, where we stay with our second HelpX hosts. Eleonor and Mathew are an English couple living here for a few years already. We’re having a blast so far.

After cycling here in pretty cloudy weather and a bit of drizzle we were shown our new home for the week. A huge caravan 🙂 Evening of day one was spent in a local pub and of course the word of two cyclists having arrived got out quickly, so lots of people showed up and brought one or the other bottle of Pálinka – the Hungarian fruit based brandy. It’s alcohol content is well above the 50% and the quality is superb so while you dont get a hangover from it, you better don’t think about driving the next day. After working in the vineyard in the morning we were taken out for lunch to Balaton yesterday. We tried the fish platter with 3 different kinds of local fish and a bean soup with a good chunk of Hungarian sausage as well as Paprika paste that drives the heat. Finally spicy food 😀

Through our hosts we met quite a few locals and everybody is happy to recommend us places to go worth seeing. Therefore we’ll amend our route a bit and add a “detour” around the cycle friendly lake Balaton with all it’s scenic places. The last time I’ve been here (Hungary had just joined the EU) I only got to see the (pretty German) party capital of Siófok on the south side of the lake. The north is apparently more beautiful (and civilized 🙂 ).


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