Today we crossed the border to the “brother” country – Slovakia. While cycling through the country we got really mixed feelings and impressions. I really would not expect Slovakia to be twice more expensive than the Czech Republic. The Czechs did really a great job on infrastructure for cyclists and active tourist – small rest places for cyclists were always cheap and on a good level, here is more about getting the money out of your pocket no matter what. On our first day in Slovakia we were heading to a campground in Male Levare that we found on the Internet and was advertised as having fully functioning facilities, when arriving, we found out that the construction was not finished on time and the opening season is going to be only next year. Well anyway, we were allowed to pitch our tent “wherever” by a friendly gypsy guard (who even trusted us with a key to the gate) and we paid nothing 🙂 No water, no toilet, but we got a really nice refreshing shower out of a garden hose from a guy next door who was watering his 3x3m grass on the beach 🙂
On Saturday we headed further towards Bratislava, and ended up in an expensive campground at Kamenny Mlyn that did not include facilities, but that night the camp was hosting the annual all-Slovak Volkswagen Club gathering. The whole night we were listening to the engines roaring and got to see plenty of young guys with their funny tuned VW-golfs…oh well… at least the beer was for free 😀
The next morning we finally hit the Danube river! Its huge! And on the Danube riverbank we met a fellow cyclist on his way from Germany to Romania all along the Danube. He is probably my parents’ age and doing his X-th long term travel on a bike! Wow!
Yesterday we were “wild” camping at a nice hidden place next to a lake that we found accidentally. Having our dinner next to the fire, a swim in the lake, found time to read and enjoying the sunset 🙂 Next morning we are hitting the road to Hungary!


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  1. Funny story. Looking to hear all the stories on my own ears! I bet best place was near the lake while “wild” camping, right? Keep the posts flowing!


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