Hungary along the Danube…

We are really enjoying our first day in Hungary.
There is a cherry tree in about every second village. Nastya therefore is happy. Some of the locals however are not. We accidentally took the road, a left turn, to Lipot and discovered a campground attached to a thermal bath. At 7 EUR/person and 3 EUR for the tent its a bit steep but we decided to spend a day in the pools and give ourselves a nice Sunday treat. I should not have any bone disease in the near future, after enjoying the sulphur 38°C pool for 2 hours.Campground is great, lots of international guests. One cz guy even demoing his remote controlled caravan trailer driving towards his BMW. Fancy Shmancy.



2 thoughts on “Hungary along the Danube…

  1. looks good! been reading up till now. already in I assumed you’d get stuck longer along the way


  2. Thanks! Yes, we’re surprised too – almost 800 km since we left Prague. Just arrived at Balaton and plan to get stuck for some time 🙂


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