our last days in Czech Republic and Jihomoravsky Kraj

It seems like we’re artificially prolonging the departure not only from Czech Republic, but especially from Jihomoravsky Kraj. What a beautiful place with great people! We’ve seen about

2 castles a day on average and have been shown numerous wine cellars. My belly certainly doesn’t show the 450m we cycled by now 🙂 You can see on our map where we have been (zig-zagging around quite a bit).

After leaving our helps hosts we cycled to Hodonin to visit my neighbours from back when we were living in Moscow in the late 1980s. We felt just like at home sitting with the whole family in their garden, enjoying home made drinks and foods. Our trailer is still carrying half the snacks we were given for the road. Now we’re in a cycler’s pub on low battery like so often and with wifi. Tomorrow we will cross the border to Austria tomorrow. Loads of pictures below. We highly recommend visiting the wine producing area of CZ!


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