leaving Němčičky :(

It wasn’t easy at all to leave our new home in Němčičky. The last days were packed with celebrations

of wedding anniversaries – ours as well as the Stavkovi, accompanied by Sabrage (the art of opening a bottle of champagne with a sword), exploring the local wine cellars as well as the village pub with 27 wines on tap and a bottomless glass for 3 EUR/ hour 🙂
We did produce a lot of hay (and Sascha still has allergy on grasses he found out), riding tractors, collected honey from the beehives and cherries. Sascha slaughtered his first rabbit. It’s surprising how many things we learn and how no day is like the next one. We’ll miss the Stavek family a lot and hope to be back one day (soon). Unfortunately our trailer is still full of books so we couldn’t kidnap the kids :p Thank You very much for this memorable and rewarding first helps experience! And the rediscovery of tasty food all day (and wine all night 🙂 ).