Finally we have arrived to our first “destination”

The 70km we made were really rewarding. We were awaited in Němčičky where we plan to stay for a couple of weeks with Richard, Stania and their smiley kids. The family vineyard is 5 generations old and everyone in the village is involved in wine making. Richard and Stania also have a small goat farm, huge garden, loads of fruit trees, so the food here is just amazing. I just fell in love with Stania’s goat tvaroh and cheese that I got a chance to participate in the process of making.

Now we live totally different life style than a month ago. We wake up with the sun shining in our window and the birds singing. Working in a vineyard there is always lots of work to do else we are helping in everyday duties.  Owning a vineyard and a farm is definitely a full-time job and from now on we will taste and appreciate every drop of wine we will have.

After a productive working day, it is always rewarding to gather in the evening with the family for amazing (organic) dinner with a glass of nice wine. Richard and Stania are great people and we always have topics to discuss and laugh about. And as we learned from them, we are by far not the craziest bunch passing through Němčičky. Previously – apart from other cyclists – there’s also been a french family with 2 kids, a cat, a chicken and a dog that went from France to Istanbul in a horse carriage! Their travel speed similar to ours, but a bit more relaxing . But we don’t need to search for fresh grass and 2x50l of water every 4 hours. 🙂


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