Day 7 & 8 – from Běleč to Němčičky

Without surprise we left late (10ish) as the breakfast and the company of our host Jeremy had been excellent. We knew it was about a hundred kilometres to our final destination – the vineyard in Němčičky – and didn’t have any agreed camp for the night. After about 45 minutes of going further uphill we had a day of rolling downhill, mostly along a small creek on a beautiful cycle route (Route No 1 still) and through picturesque little towns and villages ahead of us.

Close to Veveří castle (which Churchill visited a century ago 3 times in a row) we decided to call it an early day after 30km and camp (after Nastya did an excellent job of renegotiating the campground rate 🙂 ).

Next morning however we had 60 km ahead of us (which with several route changes and in order to find a lunch place that opens before 2pm should become 70.7 km). Weather is great – i’m actually appreciating every cloud in the sky – as going uphill with the trailer becomes a crawl at about 5km/h and the sun doesnt help then much. Downhill i go up to 50 which unfortunately lasts only seconds till it goes back up. We try to plan the route rather in terms of elevation change than in terms of distance as each big “mountain” takes more entergy than another 10km of flat cycling.

Thanks for the messages and comments we receive from you! They’re really motivating to get started at 6am (which is certainly not my time of the day 🙂 ) Keep ‘em coming!