Day 6 – 200km away from Prague

After good 52km down hill almost most of the way we reached a small village Běleč where we were hosted by Jeremy, who we contacted just a day ago on and we were very lucky to be accepted. Jeremy lives in a beautiful place with a fantastic garden where he grows everything he needs for his gourmet cooking. Jeremy is an amazing cook – the dinner, homemade drinks, chutneys, hummus, sauces, home baked bread and much more were just so tasty! And most of ingredients come from the garden!

Běleč has only 190 citizens but 2 of them are foreigners. One is Jeremy from England and the second one – Zhaneta happened to be from Kazakhstan. So we could not miss a chance to meet  her. As every Kazakh Zhaneta is very hospitable –  thanks Zhaneta for a great kazakh tea and full Dastarkhan ( for  us!

Every day we can not stop being amazed of what great, warm-hearted and hospitable people we meet on the way! Now we are having a big breakfast before hitting the road to Brno! Let’s see what the new day brings us!



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