Day 1 & 2 – Prague to Kutna Hora

Yesterday we took 2h to pack up the bikes and realized how much stuff we ended piling up. Maybe the 7 magazines and generous food supplies don’t need to get dragged all across CZ. We did cycle out of Prague and were accompanied by sunshine for the first 3 hours. After a total of 32 km and the sky turning black

(and Nastya taking an early turn into a “hole” next to the road) we decided to camp next to a lake and call it a day. Right when the tent was up it started raining till the next morning. Woken up by a tractor with 2 guys feeding the fish pond we camped next to out of the trailer (i think) we packed up (an hour only) repacked all 8 bags/boxes as we realized yesterdays packing didn’t allow us access to anything we needed, and got going. We follow the Czech national cycle route No 1. Have a look here. Its the red one. Its not easy to follow in all day rain though as we’re pretty dependent on electronics we found out today. As soon as we packed up it started dribbling. All day long, only interrupted by more or less rain. The 52km of hill we did today felt long as we zig-zagged along the direct route following the official “cyklotrasa” with typical czech marking (signs that locals understand or that don’t exist in the first place.) Worried we wouldn’t make it to “Santa Barbara” campground in Kutna Hora we opted – all wet already – for the shortest route, a flooded hiking trail and managed to soak all bags 🙂 Luckily we’re the only people on the campground now so the female bathroom is all ours to dry EVERYTHING. Beer is cheap.


5 thoughts on “Day 1 & 2 – Prague to Kutna Hora

  1. wish you both a nice trip – I think the weather will be better as soon you go more south east.


  2. tent is perfect – it fits us and our endless gear and seems to be the only thing holding up to the rain apart from Nastya’s Ortlieb bags.


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