1st day

Off the job and not even on the road we already know that the route changed đŸ™‚

As I just returned from Singapore where I had been running a project for the past few months we are not likely to head back there (but who knows).

For now we are planning the immediate future and that means crossing the Czech lands in direction Hungary. I’m a bit worried that we wont make it past the Znojmo vineyards on the border to Austria.

Next week we’ll be off to Berlin, Germany, to store the bit of household that we decided to keep and then return to Prague later in May.

“The bit of houshold” is in fact a number of boxes scattered around 4 otherwise almost empty rooms. We were supposed to move out already, but the process of throwing items with sentimental value in the bin took us a bit longer (and for my part wasn’t as easily done while still having a full-time job).